Our Story

As one of the oldest coffee & tea purveyors and a Bay Area institution, we at Peerless are proud to share our story.

Peerless roasts in a state-of-the-art roasting plant, utilizing the latest
software technology in craft roasting.

Peerless has been roasting distinctive specialty coffee for three generations. We have remained a profitable family-owned company for nearly a century.

Peerless’ singular mission is to be recognized as the best quality and profit-building partner with California’s hospitality industry. We are recognized nationally (see Awards) as a highly relevant and trendsetting roaster in this industry segment. As one of many examples, Peerless was the first craft coffee roaster in America to introduce the Blossom single cup brewer to the hospitality industry.

Our crystal clear focus is perfectly timed with one in two 18-55 adults drinking specialty coffee every day. There is a national hospitality industry awakening to the brand and profit-enhancing addition for breakfast, lunch, and dinner dessert menus.

Our Oakland headquarters and roasting plant spans nearly an entire block. Beside a separate training/cupping/sample roasting room, our retail store was updated in 2015 to have all remodeling grounded in our historically deep commitment to sustainability. All the walls and display areas are crafted from reclaimed wood and metal. It serves as a perfect backdrop for the sale of a variety of today’s most popular retail craft coffee single-cup brewing methods, as well as commercial grade home grinders and espresso machines.

Peerless CEO George Vukasin is a seasoned third-generation craft roaster.
The contemporary Cordon Bleu/Paris graduate is uniquely qualified to
masterfully serve the hospitality industry.

Peerless sources and carefully roasts the world’s highest graded Arabica beans. To achieve this ambitious objective, founder John Vukasin pioneered farm-direct relationships in premier high elevation growing regions generations before today’s most notable craft roasters. Some of today’s 18 farm-direct relationships have lasted over 30 years.

George and sister COO/Vice President Kristina Vukasin carry on the Peerless family leadership tradition. Kristina was formerly a prosecuting attorney for Alameda County.

Third-generation Peerless CEO George Vukasin is as unique as his family-owned business history. He is extremely passionate about his coffees. He personally travels the world to maintain and source only the most progressive sustainability sensitive and premier quality direct grower relationships.

All espresso blends are sampled on a La Marzocco espresso
machine. The retail café also offers a number of single brewing
equipment options, most often found in craft coffee houses.

All Peerless blend and single-origin coffees have to rank a minimum score of 84 as a Peerless quality standard. George’s contagious passion for balanced and highly aromatic espresso goes so deep that he seeks out exotic and Cup of Excellence coffees that are usually graded in the high 90s.

Peerless’s mission is to be recognized as the best in California’s hospitality

Considering himself a “coffee geek,” George has dramatically increased the Peerless light coffee line. “Brightness in a carefully crafted light roast brings out maximum flavor, letting varietal subtleties shine through.”

George’s Jabez Burns sample roaster and trier are the tools Peerless’ CEO
uses to hone his culinary crafted offerings.

George meticulously uses his sample roaster on a regular basis to craft and sell two-pound batches. His own “limited edition” coffees are sold to prestigious customers like Pebble Beach Resort, Pelican Hill Resort and the Grand Del Mar Resort in San Diego.

More than a decade before organic coffees required certification, Peerless sourced coffees at premium pricing from organic farmers committed to enriching their environment via responsible farming practices. Peerless became Organic Certified in 1980. “If it’s not organic, it’s not sustainable,” is a Peerless mantra.