Espresso Gift Set

Espresso Gift Set


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Wake up with the wonderful aroma of a freshly brewed Espresso!   An engaging gift that brings you 1-10oz bag whole bean Organic Espresso Maranello, 1-10oz bag whole bean Espresso Nuovo, 2 espresso cups, and sugar sticks neatly packaged in a gift box for instant giving.  You will receive:

Organic Espresso Maranello – 1-10oz bag whole bean, creamy and full-bodied with spicy middle notes and a tangy sweet flavor.   Affectionately known as “liquid gold”.

Espresso Nuovo – 1-10oz bag whole bean, roasted to a deep dark brown resulting in a complex full-bodied brew with a thick rich crema.

Espresso Cups – 2 red 3.5 oz

White sugar packets