Gift Baskets

Peerless has the perfect gift for your coffee & tea lover and for any occasion.

Coffee and Tea Gift Baskets

  • Coffee and T-shirt Gift Set

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    Father Day Coffee Tin and Tshirt Special

    Start the day starting with a cup of our Organic 80th Anniversary Blend coffee (10-oz. bag).  a Peerless 90th Anniversary T-shirt, and our Anniversary storage tin.  (T-shirt is available in sizes L-XXL so let us know what size you'd like).   ...Learn More

  • Espresso Duo Sampler – whole bean (Espresso Nuovo and Espresso Maranello)

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    Peerless Espresso Duo

    Espresso connoisseurs will love this special Espresso Duo sampler.  Each gift pack contains 1 10-ounce bag of Espresso Nuovo and 1 10-ounce bag of Organic Espresso Maranello.   The beans for our espresso are selected for their rich intensity and roasted to dark chestnut perfection, resulting in a smoky & velvety shot  with a thick, rich crema. Our whole bean Espresso Nuovo is a rich blend of Central and South America Arabica beans combined with Indonesian beans that are roasted to a deep dark brown.  The result is a complex full-bodied brew with a thick rich crema. Our whole bean Organic Espresso Maranello, affectionately known as "liquid gold", is creamy and full-bodied, with spicy middle notes and a tangy sweet finish.  These beans are artisan roasted and blended to create a classic Northern Italian flavor.  QAI Certified Organic. ...Learn More

    $16.99 Espresso Roast
  • Espresso Gift Set

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    Espresso Gift Set

    Wake up with the wonderful aroma of a freshly brewed Espresso!   An engaging gift that brings you 1-10oz bag whole bean Organic Espresso Maranello, 1-10oz bag whole bean Espresso Nuovo, 2 espresso cups, and sugar sticks neatly packaged in a gift box for instant giving.  You will receive: Organic Espresso Maranello - 1-10oz bag whole bean, creamy and full-bodied with spicy middle notes and a tangy sweet flavor.   Affectionately known as "liquid gold". Espresso Nuovo - 1-10oz bag whole bean, roasted to a deep dark brown resulting in a complex full-bodied brew with a thick rich crema. Espresso Cups - 2 red 3.5 oz White sugar packets ...Learn More

  • Gift Basket, Introduction to Peerless

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    gift basket small

    Enjoy the delicious tastes of Peerless with our Introduction to Peerless Gift Basket. Basket includes 2 – 10 oz bags of select Peerless Coffee and a Peerless Travel Mug.

  • Gift Basket, Peerless Delights

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    gift basket lrg

    Add to the delicious tastes of Peerless with our Peerless Delights Gift Basket. Basket includes 2 - 10 oz bags of select Peerless Coffee, 4 different 1.75 "try it size" coffees, a Peerless Travel Mug and Sonja's candy. ...Learn More

  • Gift Set, Baking Spice Trio

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    Baking Spices

    Give this medley of spices to the baker in your life.  Packaged in classic mason jars, we have hand-packed very special baking basics - sweet and mellow Ground Korintje Cinnamon (3.5 oz.), Whole Allspice Berries (3 oz.) and fragrant Ground Nutmeg (3 oz.). ...Learn More

  • Gift Set, Classic Coffee Trio, ground

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    Gift set - Top Selling Trio

    Three of our most requested coffees combine into a 3-lb gift trio sure to be a hit!  Our French Roast Classic is a dark roasted perennial favorite with each cup bringing dark cocoa notes, a thick body, and a strong but smooth flavor.  Colombian Supremo is a light roasted coffee that is full bodied with a soft acidity, which makes a deliciously balanced cup.  The 80th Anniversary Organic Blend coffee is Italian roasted, resulting in a medium-dark roast with a full bodied, round mouth feel which is forward in the front while soft in the throat. ...Learn More

  • Gift Set, Cooking Spice Trio

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    Cooking Spices

    Give the cook in your life our basic spice trio.  Packaged in classic mason jars we have hand-blended our own Java Rub (5 oz.), Italian Seasoning (1.5 oz.) and Tri-color Pepper Corns (3.5 oz.). ...Learn More

  • Gift Set, Flavored Coffee Duo

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    Gift Set - Flavored Coffee Duo

    Two of our most popular flavored coffees combined into one convenient, delicious gift.  Our Dark Chocolate Truffle will tempt any chocolate lover with the rich, smooth taste of dark chocolate truffles.  Vanilla Nut Cream will give you a deliciously smooth cup of coffee with its subtle flavors of vanilla and almonds. ...Learn More

  • Gift Set, Single Origin Coffee Lovers Dream, whole bean

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    Single Origin Coffee 9pack

    This variety of 9 different 1-lb bags of coffee will delight the true coffee lover!  Taste and compare the differences and awe at the nuances that make each coffee different.  Your gift set will include a 6-cup Moka Express Bialetti Coffee Maker and 1-lb of Guatemala Antigua Dark, Costa Rica, Colombian Supremo, Sumatra Mandheling Dark, Brazil Estate, Peru Organic, Kenya AA, Ethiopia Moka, and Mexico Organic.  Whole bean. ...Learn More

  • Go Oakland! – Baseball Survival Kit

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    Oakland Baseball Survival Kit

    GO OAKLAND!   Support your favorite team with our Baseball Survival Kit.  This kit includes our "Go Oakland" T-shirt, 1 lb package of Fresh Roasted Jumbo Peanuts, green and gold Jelly Beans and Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans ... all packaged in our convenient tote.  Shirt is available in sizes S, M, L and XL.  Please let us know what size you wish to include.   ...Learn More

  • Peerless Logo 90th Anniversary T-shirt

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    Peerless tshirt back blk

    Peerless Logo 90th Anniversary T-shirt is 100% pre-shrunk cotton.  90th Anniversary logo on the back and Peerless Coffee logo on the front left.  Please specify size, available in L, XL and XXL.   ...Learn More

  • Peerless Virginia Jumbo Peanut Tin

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    Peerless Peanut Tin

    Premium fresh roasted Virginia Jumbo Peanuts have been a tradition of Peerless since 1924.  Enjoy this 2.5 lb tin of Virginia Jumbo roasted peanuts.


  • Tea & Scone Gift Pack

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    Tea and Scones

    Tea & Scones, what a perfect morning pick me up!  Enjoy a Buttermilk Scone as you sip a delicious cup of Chai tea.  This tea and scone gift is a quick and unique gift for the holidays.  You will receive: Organic Masala Chai Tea - a flavorful organic black tea mixture with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and a hint of vanilla conveniently packed in a mason jar.  4.2-oz. Buttermilk Scone Mix - Traditional Buttermilk Scone Mix makes 12 scones.  Just add water and butter.  Delicious! Scone Sugar - 1.5 oz conveniently packed in a mason jar. ...Learn More

  • Tea Sampler – Black Teas

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    Black Tea Sampler

    Taste your way through our delicious collection of black teas.  Conveniently packed in mason jars and a shipping tube. Assam - When brewed will produce a dark, strong flavor with a heavy body.  Serve black or with milk and sugar.  1.5 oz English Breakfast - Brews a brisk cup with complex aroma and flavor resulting in balanced body and flavor.   1.5 oz Lapsang Souchong - Produces a cup with a distinct smoky scent and flavor, smooth and balanced.   1.5 oz Peerless Royal Blend - Our signature blend black tea that has a smooth, fragrant aroma and flavor.  Serve black or with milk and sugar.   1.5 oz ...Learn More

  • Tea Sampler – Flavored Teas

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    Flavored Tea Sampler

    An impressive gift of four flavors for your teatime pleasure, conveniently packed in mason jars and a shipping tube.   Teas will include: Apricot - Orange Pekoe black tea blended with apricot flavoring and marigold petals delights with it's tangy apricot aroma and flavor.  1.0 oz Black Currant - Black tea blended with black currant flavoring and currant leaves gives a rich berry flavor.  1.3 oz Mango - Enjoy a cup of mango tea with rich, delicate flavor and tropical scent.  Orange Pekoe black tea blended with mango flavoring and marigold petals.  1.0 oz Orange Spice - A brisk, black tea with a spicy fruity flavor.  Natural orange and clove flavorings.  1.5 oz ...Learn More

  • Tea Sampler – Green Teas

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    Green Tea Sampler

    Lovers of green teas and their health benefits will enjoy a selection of four teas, each conveniently packed in mason jars and a shipping tube. Sencha - Classic Japanese green tea with exquisite fragrance and delicate, refreshing flavor with a fresh, grassy taste.  1.5 oz Panfired - A mild green tea with classic green tea taste.  Excellent for blending with mint or lemon.  1.0 oz Pinhead Gunpowder - A medium bodied green tea with a crisp, clear flavor.  2.0 oz Jasmine - Slightly sweet and highly fragrant.   1.5 oz   ...Learn More